Apple.. even the iPhone development platform rocks

I just watched the keynote speech from the Apple Developer Conference and am amazed at how great and integrated their iPhone development environment is. Its funny that the Flex development environment is really expensive and far less intergrated

I remember Jared Spool talking about the main reason for the iPod success was that it was part of a complete system; this system included not only the iPod but iTunes and the ITunes music store. Apple has duplicated this strategy again with the iPhone and its going to pay off in spades for them.

In my career I have worked at a lot of tech companies and I can tell you that the folks are not smarter than everyone else out there. At every company I work with the people there have outstanding ideas that would make their offerings much stronger; most of the these ideas die on the vine because no one wants to risk the idea not working or the idea gets watered down in a sea of meeting. I believe the huge difference is that Apple has the bravery to execute on these ideas and accept the risk that comes with innovation. They have done this for so long now that its ingrained in the personality of the company and not even thought of as “risky”; and as long as they keep it up I don’t think many other companies will be able to touch them …