iPhone development

A non-techie asked me the difference between iPhone web-apps and the new app-store apps. Seeing as how the Facebook web-app and native-app look so similar, the question is a good one.

The simple is that native-apps can access all the cool features of the iPhone (UI widgets, GPS, acceleromoter, address book, camera, etc) while web-apps cannot.

The downside to native-apps is that they are more complicated to develop unless you are a seasoned Cocoa developer. So wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to code a native-app using the more familiar web-app technology? Well, now there is!

At iphone dev camp, some guys came up with a framework called Gap that does just this. It basically allows you to run your web-app as a native app, and gives you hooks into the Cocoa stuff via javascript. Awesome idea! This will open up iphone native app development to a TON of new people with great ideas.