Mass Relevance

Complete redesign of their Admin User Interface

screenshot of Mass Relevance Admin Application

Mass Relevance is the first curation partner licensed to re-syndicate Twitter content for display purposes, allowing companies to integrate Twitter into TV, web, mobile and large screen.

Like most startups, Mass Relevance focused on getting their product quickly to market; initially, they focused on the client-facing part of their software. The tools that their employees used to administrate their customers and backend software were scattered and developer-centric. This worked when the company was small and primarily engineers, but as the company grew it become a pain-point.

The redesign process started with interviews of all the users of the system. The primary user-types and tasks became obvious in this process. We catalogued all of the tasks and features and then proceeded to wireframes.

A clear finding in the user interviews showed that Mass Relevance employees need two main things; better search and the ability to see things related to object being found. With this in mind, we created a search-centric interface that dramatically increased the utility and enjoyability of the interface.