Visual and Interaction Design for their Benchtools software

screenshot of Bentools application

Adwords are a multi-billion dollar business. Buying the right ones are crucial. Benchtools is Vivaki’s proprietary technology for tracking competitive search strategies.

Benchtools can identify: keywords competitors are buying, ad copy, investments in SEM and SEO, and activity over time. Benchtools is currently being used by agency teams in China, India, EMEA and the Americas.

Heuristic Review

When Vivaki approached me, the software was functional but had some usability issues. The first thing I did was to create a Hueristic Review that showcased some of the stumbling blocks.

Heuristic Review of Benctools

We prioritized the issues found in the review based their impact to usability as well as business goals and started the design phase.

Project Video

Rather than talk any more about Benchools, here’s a video they made showing some of the application highlights.